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Family Planning Unit

  Head of the unit

Dr.Loshan Moonesinghe
Consultant Community Physician


Other Staff
Dr. Ruvini Dissanayake
Dr. Vanusha Tillekaratna
Mrs. Sanjeewa Ranasinghe
  • Ensure the availability and accessibility to quality modern family planning services.
  • Address the unmet need for contraception to reduce abortions and teenage pregnancies.
  • Ensure availability of male & female sterilization services in hospitals.
  • Establish an appropriate system for post-abortion care.
  • Ensure the uninterrupted availability of contraceptive commodities [Reproductive Health Commodity Security (RHCS)].
  • Strengthen, rationalize & streamline services for sub-fertile couples.
  • Provide technical guidelines to service providers on contraceptive use & counselling materials.
  • Train master trainers in districts on contraceptive technology & counselling.  
  • Register and provide equipment to family planning clinics.
  • Make recommendations on registration of contraceptives marketed in Sri Lanka.
  • Monitor & evaluate FP services & contraceptive availability in districts.
  • Monitor contraceptive failures, complications & poor-quality products and take appropriate action.

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