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       Maternal Morbidity, Mortality Surveillance Unit

Head of the Unit

Dr. Harendra Dassanayake
Consultant Community Physician
E-mail :

Other Staff
Dr. Gayani Liyanage
Dr. D. S. Mapatana
Mrs. B.L.S.R. De Silva
Mr. W.M.L.R Weerakoon

  • Ensure that all maternal, deaths notified, investigated and reviewed at national and sub-national levels.
  • Maintain a national level data bases on maternal deaths.
  • Develop and implement “confidential” enquiry into maternal deaths.
  • Establish and implement surveillance on severe acute maternal morbidity (SAMM)
  • Establish a system to notify reproductive age female deaths.
  • Strengthen the existing surveillance system to monitor antenatal and postnatal morbidity
  • Establish and implement surveillance on birth defects.
  • Develop linkages with other data bases such as Registrar General’s Department/ Medical Statistics unit to strengthen maternal, mortality and morbidity surveillance.

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