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                           School Health Unit

  Head of the Unit

Dr.Mrs.Ayesha Lokubalasooriya
Consultant Community Physician

Other Staff
Dr. Kanchana L. K. Mahagamage
Dr. H.L.H Chinthika
Mr. R.P. Nuwam Sameera
Mr. S.A.S Karunathilaka

  • Develop policy & strategic plans on School Health and Adolescent Health.
  • Provide technical guidance on School and Adolescent Health to the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.
  • Provide technical expertise in improving the quality of school and adolescent health activities through the development of guidelines, standards, protocols etc.
  • Provide technical guidance in surveillance, monitoring, and supervising activities with regard to School and Adolescent Health.
  • Coordinate all the activities conducted by national stakeholders of the school health program and provincial authorities.
  • Develop and implement training programs to build the capacity of Public Health Staff, Education Staff, Children, and Parents on School and Adolescent Health.
  • Procurement and distribution of anthropometric equipment and micronutrients for school health program.
  • Develop supplementary books on health-related tropics and IEC materials for adolescents, teachers, and parents to facilitate health promotion of school children and adolescents.
  • Convene National Coordinating Committee on School Health chaired by DDG/PHSII

 Family Health Bureau Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.  Designed & Developed by Monitoring & Evaluation Unit - Family Health Bureau Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

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