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The National Committee on Family Health is the highest level policy making and decision making body for the Family Health Programme in Sri Lanka, chaired by the Secretary of Health. The meeting will be held regularly on a quarterly basis and functions as the intra and inter- ministerial coordinating body of the Ministry of Health on Family Health.  The committee is  a well defined regular forum to present and discuss the problems and issues arising at different levels related to the Family Health Programme. The composition of the membership of the committee shall be in accordance with it’s mandate and responsibilities.

An external  review on Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) was conducted in October 2007,  in order to identify achievements, gaps and challenges faced by theNational Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Programme.  The review recommended future directions for policy makers / programme planners, programme managers and service providers. The establishment of a policy level National Steering Committee (chaired by Secretary/Health) for Family Health is one of the key recommendations of the review.  Accordingly, Ministry of Health decided to establish a policy level committee named as the National Committee on Family Health (NC/FH).


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TOR of Technical Advisory Committee on Maternal Health and Family Planning (TACMH/FP)


Sri Lanka has achieved significantly low levels in maternal mortality ratios and total fertility rates when compared with those of other developing countries in the world. However, inter district variation of these indicators; quality and equity of care provided have to be addressed. To address the regional disparities and to improve quality and equity of care, and sustain the achievements and to resolve the upcoming issues, the country should adoptevidence based interventions and strategies, establish national standards and systems to monitor the quality of maternal health and family planningin the entire country. Also, the issues in policy management, resource management (human, material and finance), programme planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation should be ironed out for further programme improvement. Therefore, a technical advisory committee onmaternal health and family planning (TACMH/FP) which comprised of experts in all the relevant fields was appointed by the Secretary, Ministry of Health under the chairmanship of DDG PHS II with the objective of providing technical expertise to the National Committee of Family Health (NCFH) on matters related to maternal health and family planning.

Mandate of the Technical Advisory Committee on Maternal Health and Family planning

The committee shall function as the Technical Advisory Body for the national maternal health and family planning programmes by providing policy directives, technical guidance, advising and monitoring national and provincial programmes. The committee shall make recommendations to the NCFH on issues related to maternal health and family planning

Responsibilities of the Technical Advisory Committee on Maternal Health and Family Planning (TACMH/FP)
  1. Ensure that problems / issues related to the maternal and family planning are identified and addressed.
  2. Review, actively, the existing maternal health and family planning programmes for its comprehensiveness in relation to contemporary needs, and advocate for NCFH, Ministry of Health and provinces for necessary changes to rectify gaps identified and encourage other stakeholders also to do the same.
  3. Ensure that maternal and family planning programmes in the country adopt evidence based technically sound interventions that are in accordance with the national policies and guidelines
  4. Interface with national and provincial authorities and other governmental and non-governmental stakeholders as appropriate, to facilitate the implementation and adaptation of maternal health and family planning initiatives
  5. Facilitate and provide the technical expertise in the implementation of National Strategic Plan on Maternal and Newborn Health.
  6. Advise on issues related to policy formulation, planning, financial allocations, resource management, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes and other issues related to maternal health and family planning.
  7. Review the evidence gaps related to maternal health and family planning, declare research needs, generate funds and encourage researchers to generate scientific evidence for improvement in maternal and family planning programmes
  8. Provide advice on communication issues in relevant programme areas including mass media
  9. Appointing technical subcommittees on special issues (members outside the ACMH/FP may be co-opted)
Composition of the advisory Committee
  • DDG/PHS 11- Chairman
  • One PDHS
  • D/MS
  • D/MCH
  • D/TCS
  • Two directors from teaching hospitals in rotation
  • D/HEB
  • One RDHS
  • DD/MCH
  • DN/MS
  • DN/PHS
  • CCP/Maternal care
  • CCP/ New born care
  • CCP/ Maternal morbidity and mortality surveillance
  • CCP/Monitoring and Evaluation
  • CCP/ Family Planning
  • CCP/ Education, training and research unit, MoH
  • One MOMCH
  • President and seven nominees from Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • President of Sri Lanka College of Community Physicians
  • President or nominee Perinatal Society of Sri Lanka
  • Two members from Dept of Gyn and Obs / Faculties of Medicine
    • One member from Colombo/Sri Jayawardenapura / Kelaniya Universities to be appointed on rotation
    • The other member from Ruhuna / Jaffna or Peradeniya universities in rotation
      (It should be selected according to the seniority)
  • WHO/National Professional Officer- MPS
  • UNICEF/Head, Health and Nutrition section
  • UNFPA/National Programme Officer- RH
  • A public health specialist from World Bank
  • Additional members will be co-opted when required.
  • Total number of members for the technical advisory committee is thirty five (35) and the quorum is one third of the membership (12)
Functioning of the advisory Committee
  • The committee will function under the Chairmanship of DDG/PHS 11
  • The members to the committee will be appointed by the Secretary, Ministry of Health in consultation with DGHS for a period of 2 years. It is mandatory that only the members appointed by the Secretary participate as the committee members.
  • CCP/ FHB – Maternal care and CCP/FHB- family Planning will function as Secretary to the Committee in rotation and be responsible to schedule and facilitate meetings of the committee in discussion with DDG/PHS 11 and D/MCH
  • D/MCH will be responsible to provide necessary facilities to conduct meetings
  • Members of TACMH/FP will serve for a period of two years
  • Conflict of interest: In an issue where a member has a conflict of interest, he/she should declare the conflict of interest and refrain from decision making process.
  • Committee should meet once in two months and the meetings should be held on fixed dates.
  • The quorum for a meeting is 12 members.
  • The chairman could appoint technical subcommittees to address special issues and members outside the committee can be co-opted for such committees.
  • The committee should regularly submit the progress and recommendations to the NCFH

The Technical Advisory Committee on Maternal Health and Family Planning is accountable to the National Committee for Family Health