madam011Family Health Bureau (FHB) is the central organization of the Ministry of Health Indegenious Medicine and Nutrition responsible for Maternal and Child Health Services. The FHB was established in 1968 and over the years it has strengthened its organizational structure, linkages and capacity to cater to the needs of the country. It has played a key role in expanding MCH services throughout the country in particular to remote rural villages.

The achievements Sri Lanka has made in the field of MCH are well recognized throughout the world. FHB, since its inception, has made untiring efforts towards these achievements. As the Director of the FHB I take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to all those who contributed to those achievements with commitment, dedication and hard work.

Establishment of a website is a long felt need of the FHB and it is my great pleasure to introduce our website to those who wish to explore much information on Family Health.


Dr. Priyani Senadeera

Director Maternal and Child Health,

Deputy Director



Deputy Director Maternal  and Child Health