A Sri Lankan nation that has optimized the quality of life and health potential of all women, children and their families


To contribute to the attainment of highest possible levels of health of all women, children and families through provision of comprehensive, sustainable, equitable and quality Maternal and Child Health services in a supportive, culturally acceptable and family friendly settings.

Maternal and Child Health Policy directives/Framework

Maternal and Child Health (MCH) has been a long standing priority in the National Health Policy. The National policy on MCH was formulated as a directive for the national commitment to adopt and implement the appropriate interventions in improving the MCH. This document would provide policy and strategic directions to address the emerging concerns and challenges in MCH while maintaining and strengthening already established services. Thereby, this document would provide policy guidance and directions to the provinces for effective implementation of the MCH programme.

In accordance with the MCH policy, strategic plans have been developed in relevant programme areas in MCH. These strategic plans are expected to be followed by Annual Work Plans at national, provincial and district level.

  • National strategic plan – Maternal and Newborn Health
  • National strategic plan – Child Health
  • National strategic plan – Adolescent Health
  • National strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding SriLanka(2015-2020)

Several technical committees have also been appointed to function as the Technical Advisory Bodies to guide respective programmes by providing technical guidance, advising and monitoring national and provincial programmes. Those committees shall make recommendations to the National Committee on Family Health (NC/FN) on issues related to improvements in relevant programme area.

National Commitee on Family Health is the highest level policy making and decision making body for the Family Health Programme in Sri Lanka, chained by the Secretary / Health.

  • Technical Advisory Committee on Maternal Health and Family Planning  (TACMH/FP)
  • Technical Advisory Committee on Newborn and Child Health (TACNCH)
  • Working committee on School Health
  • Working committee on Well Women Clinic
  • Subcommittee on Maternal and Child Nutrition
  • Monitoring Committee - Sri Lanka code for protection, promotion and support for breast feeding and marketing of designated products