Adolescent and Youth Health Unit

Chiranthika_Vithana (1)
Dr.Mrs.Chiranthika Vithana

Consultant Community Physician

Function of the unit

  • Develop strategic plans to achieve the strategic objectives of adolescent health program
  • Advocate the policy makers and stakeholders at central & provincial level on the importance of improving adolescent health and establishing adolescent friendly health services 
  • Networking with the education, social service and youth sectors on the multidisciplinary issues related to adolescent and youth health promotion.
  • Develop/adopt and pilot test evidence-based health interventions on improving adolescent and youth health and integrate those in to existing service models
  • Conduct assessment/operational research on the adolescent and youth health issues
  • Build the capacity of health and other officers on the needs of adolescent and youth and making the existing services friendly
  • Provide technical expertise on adolescent and youth health related matters in intra and inter sectoral planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating of various programs/ activities at different levels.
  • Develop Communication materials pertaining to adolescent and youth health
  • Promote /provide opportunities to share best/innovative practices in providing adolescent and youth health services
  • Convene Technical Advisory Committee on Young Person’s Health chaired by the DGHS