Family Health Bureau


MOH system

An organized effort to provide maternal and child health services commenced with the introduction of the Health Unit System in 1926, Kalutara being the 1st health unit established with a Medical Officer of Health as the in charge.


Family planning policy

Government accepted family planning as a national policy and it was integrated with the already developed Maternal and Child Health services provided by the Ministry of Health.


MCH Bureau

A separate division was established within the Ministry of Health to implement the programme throughout the country. This was initially designated as the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.


Family Health Bureau

The MCH Bureau was re-designated the Family Health Bureau (FHB) to highlight the integrated nature of the MCH/FP services. The FHB then became the central organization of the Ministry of Health responsible for planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the MCH/FP services, also referred to the Family Health Programme.


Director - Maternal and Child Health

The post of Assistant Director was upgraded to Director / Maternal and Child Health and a comprehensive information management system for Maternal and Child Health was established.

MCH policy

National Policy on Maternal and Child Health published

Past Director's

The first Director appointed was Dr Terence Perera. Since then, the following successors had led the institution to its present thriving status.

Dr Terence Perera


Dr. S.Y.S.B. Hearat

1971 - 1979

Dr. R.A.S. Rabel

1979 - 1981

Dr. N.W. Vidyasagara

1981 - 1986

Dr. Malani de Silva

1986 - 1994

Dr. K.P. Wickramasooriya

1994 - 1998

Dr. V. Karunaratne

1999 - 2008

Dr. Deepthi Perera

2009 - 2014

Dr. H. Benaragama

2014 - 2016

Dr. P. Senadeera

2017 - 2018