Reproductive Health Center

Function of the unit

  • Assisting, conducting & providing guidance to training workshops for the service providers in family planning procedures, clinical and laboratory procedures in the treatment of sub fertility, conducting colposcopy and pap smears.
  • Counseling, clinical assistance and providing/performing female sterilization (LRT), Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) insertions & removals, Implant insertions & removals, DMPA injections, Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP), Condoms.
  • Provision of subfertility services, follicle induction, follicle tracking, tubal patency check with saline sonography, seminal Fluid Analysis (SFA) & Processing, intra Uterine Insemination (IUI).
  • Well Women Clinic services; Colposcopic Examination & LLETZ Biopsy, assessment of post-menopausal bleeding (with at least one bleeding after 1 year of menopause) and conducting investigations, endometrial assessment by TVS (This facility will be upgraded in to office hysteroscopy in near future), endometrial sampling with aspiration biopsy.