Oral Health Unit

Dr.(Mrs) Nimali Wellappuli

Consultant in Community Dentistry
Email : nimalicw@yahoo.com

Function of the unit

  • Development and revision of strategies, guidelines, protocols, circulars on maternal care incorporating current scientific evidence with collaboration of professional organizations and development partners
  • Provision of technical support on issues related to maternal care at the national, provincial and district levels
  • Development / adaptation of training materials for capacity building of public health staff on maternal care
  • Capacity Building of public health staff on maternal care
  • Development of BCC material on maternal care
  • Ensure the logistic support for the maternal care programme (micronutrients, equipment, printed material etc.)
  • Convene advisory committee on maternal care chaired by DDG PHSII
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching (MSc Community Medicine, MSc Medical administration, Diploma In Reproductive Health etc)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the maternal are programme with monitoring and evaluation unit
  • Conduction of operational research on issues related to maternal care with the research unit.