15 Mind Blowing Vegan Hacks for Weight Loss

15 Mind Blowing Vegan Hacks for Weight Loss

Vegan Butter Recipe: https://www.plantwhys.com/blog/vegan-butter
Sweet Potato Salad Dressing: https://www.plantwhys.com/blog/sweet-potato-salad-dressing
White Potato Salad Dressing: https://www.plantwhys.com/blog/white-potato-salad-dressing
Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes https://www.plantwhys.com/blog/cauliflower-mashed-potatoes
Chickpea Flour Omelets https://www.plantwhys.com/blog/chickpea-flour-omelets

Free one week meal guide: https://www.plantwhys.com/free-1-week-meal-guide-sign-up-1
Free Guide: How to Ease into Eating More Plants: https://www.plantwhys.com/plantwhys-2-0


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Key Moments:
0:00 15 Vegan Food Hacks
0:12 1. Make Your Own Vegan Butter
2:13 2. Swap Butter For Avocados
5:35 3. Nutritional Yeast & Apple Cider Vinegar on Popcorn
7:09 4. Half Riced Cauliflower & Half Regular Rice
9:52 5. Half Cauliflower & Half Mashed Potatoes
11:43 6. Frozen Cauliflower Oatmeal With Frozen Berries
13:41 7. Swap Out Coconut Milk
14:28 8. Make Homemade Potato Chips
17:06 9. Buy Beans From Dollar Store
17:21 10. Buy Canned Fruit From Dollar Store
17:50 11. Grab Some Edamame
18:18 12. Curb Chocolate Cravings with Green Juice
20:29 13. Make Chickpea Flour Omelet
22:00 14. Sweet Potato Salad Dressing
24:16 15. White Potato Dressing