Low Budget Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast In Hindi | Simple - Easy Diet Plan - Lose 10 Kgs|Fat to Fab

Low Budget Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast In Hindi | Simple - Easy Diet Plan - Lose 10 Kgs|Fat to Fab

In this budget-friendly and effective weight loss video, Suman Pahuja provides a Low Budget Diet Plan to help you lose weight fast. The video is presented in Hindi and focuses on simplicity and ease while aiming for a significant weight loss of 10 kgs.

Learn about the strategic combination of budget-friendly foods and practical lifestyle adjustments that can make a substantial impact on your weight loss journey. From meal ideas to actionable tips, this video covers it all.

Say goodbye to the misconception that weight loss requires a hefty budget and embrace the affordable and nourishing goodness of this Simple and Easy Diet Plan. Subscribe now to access the detailed instructions and make your weight loss journey both budget-friendly and successful. Let's prioritize health and well-being without breaking the bank!

00:10 - My Weight Loss struggle
01:31 - Information about this diet
02:06 - Morning Drink Lemon Water
02:42 - Jeera Water Recipe
03:13 - Kadi Patta and neem patta water
03:37 - Haldi water
04:02 - Breakfast Timings
04:14 - Besan atta roti
05:37 - Other Options for breakfast
06:14 - Mid breakfast Options
06:59 - Lunch Options
08:04 - Evening Tea
09:25 - Dinner Options
10:59 - Night Drink

Upma Recipe - https://youtu.be/VxWlG7-W5DY
Besan Ka Chilla - https://youtu.be/azHR7CqCyHs
Sandwich Recipes - https://youtu.be/UBz-IkJWIRg
Dal Ghiya recipe - https://youtu.be/Kept2OrWvoQ
Dal Petha Salad - https://youtu.be/Kept2OrWvoQ
Dal Salad - https://youtu.be/2BOi2yYGCu8
Moong Dal Khichdi - https://youtu.be/auAt7XlukKY
Black Chana Salad - https://youtu.be/G2YRxHkmd-Q
Tomato & Pumpkin Soup - https://youtu.be/snoY0jFEP3M
Turmeric Milk - https://youtu.be/qNCaqJkZNpY
Masala Paneer - https://youtu.be/7ruNRbqAnKY
Besan Ka Sheera - https://youtu.be/XNcQcar2C80
Moong Dal Chilla - https://youtu.be/Gvd4nZ6AQcQ
Masoor dal chilla wrap https://youtu.be/Nn0Eo3KjfAM?t=490


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